Sitemap - 2022 - Poor Man's Feast

a very shenpa christmas

the better angels

at midweek

these are the smells of life and sustenance

old things for Christmas

a sort of chicken we call fish.

food in the time and place realm

at midweek

between/the ground and the feast is where I live now

Julie, not Julia

when I am old I shall wear binoculars

at midweek

ghosts at my table

Join me in a generative online writing workshop at Fine Arts Work Center

critical yeast

at midweek

listen: you are not yourself.

from Maine you can see the curve of the earth

at midweek

the things we cling to

my old friend, water, my good companion

at midweek

the ancient childhoods of our youth

at midweek

she married me. again.

at (not quite) midweek

thy neighbor's beans

don't reap to the edges of your field

at midweek

the perils of cooking from memory

by the sea

a quick summer supper

at midweek

the turning of time

the things we never say

at midweek

life and death in the garden

when I stopped laughing

at midweek

the caregiver's lament.

Listen: you are not yourself.

Join Katherine May and Elissa Altman in Rockport Maine for a day-long retreat, August 8th

looking out for sorrow, slowing down for happiness

The (Late) Weekly Roundup

a letter to my dearest Kurt

on Earth as hospital patient

at midweek

the broken-heart diet

how wide the crack in heaven

at midweek

bring me lilacs from your garden

on Juneteenth

at midweek

on father's day

at midweek


shelling the peas

on daily grief-work

fighting the neighborhood woodchuck.

on old dogs slowing down.

Poor Man's Feast is returning.

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