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on the birthday of the world

my old friend, water, my good companion

the notebook on my desk

in the late summer kitchen

what we tell and what we hide

a blue comma on the map of the world

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life and death in the garden

summer rain and frying bacon

This is 60: Author Elissa Altman Responds to The Oldster Magazine Questionnaire

the simple things come back to us

butterflies drink turtle tears

602: Life Without An Oven

you forget how you can still see so clearly*

paddling in place

what I know

something wild, something hidden

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getting up before the day

my father, my friend

a contented weekend

the soul-killing myth of perfection

walk like a magician

trapped under something heavy*

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the first song I ever learned

for you, on Mother's Day Weekend

not me; the other me

my summer 2023 workshops

when my spirit faded

what do we eat when no one is looking?

lost in Texas

the truth behind the right-to-life

"I didn't drive eleven hours across the state of Texas to watch my cholesterol." - Robb Walsh

losing your seat at the table

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a doorway into thanks

On Easter Dinner

status interruptus

the things we inherit

at midweek

committing to the asparagus

if the light is in your heart

midnight dinners

to be in interiority

Katherine May and Pico Iyer

I want to live in the layers

living with awe

Spotlight: An interview with Jean Anderson

the things we almost do

it's National F**k Your Boundaries Day!

On Envy and Art-Making

Writing and the Permission to Succeed

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poor man's feast: the memoir

there's something bigger than Phil

man plans and God laughs

when the music saves us

when the bough breaks

Spotlight: Unplugged Kitchen

at midweek

we are asleep with compasses in our hands*

eggs, sustenance, and the maternal